Worlds of Tomorrow

Last week, Kaspars and I were sitting down for dinner when we realised that there might be something beautiful waiting to happen in the sky. We panicked a little as we decided upon where to go, mistakenly believing that the time was an hour later than it actually was. It wasn’t until we had rushed […]
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Dreaming of Suns

Last week, Kaspars and I embarked upon a long-awaited journey to the Highlands of Iceland. We had planned it for months in advance, knowing that it would be our only time off before the busy Iceland photo tour period in Autumn. Although we had both been to Landmannalaugar before, we were excited as neither of […]
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Lands Beyond Minds

The view from the peak of Háalda, overlooking the rhyolite valleys in Landmannalaugar. It took Kaspars and I quite a while to get up there, battling strong winds and rain, though it was a small price to pay when the storm cleared for a brief moment in time. Truth be told, we had no idea […]
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The World Where You Live

Kaspars and I went to Hvaleyri for a blazing sunset the other night. There were many patterns on the beach, though we had been hoping for some mossy rocks! The tide was out, so there were no real pools to explore. When the colours took hold, both of us panicked without clear compositions to shoot. […]
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Is This Earth?

One of our new ventures this year is to visit geothermal areas throughout Iceland. So far, we have managed to cover a few on the Reykjanes Peninsula, though there are still many more to explore. Here is a behind-the-scenes of my love, Kaspars Dzenis, shooting the ground beneath him at Engjahver last week. It’s just […]
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