Photographer . Journalist . Adventurer

Lover of all things kitsch; descendant into the world of the cat lady. Keen traveller and avidly enthused by gastronomical experiences, natural history, cultural anthropology and conservation. My work is an expression of my appreciation of the world around me.


Pale Mountains


I had a tsunami dream…

Follow your heart

Zweite welt

Second World

This journey begins

Take a leap of faith

First frost

Arctic Dreams

The tale of how we met

Let it unfurl

Talvi Herääminen

Winter Awakening

Fantasy in Lapland

Stumble through the snow

My Philosophy

I am an Australian photographer and journalist based in Iceland. My focus is on nature photography and social documentaries, though I also concentrate largely on travel, food, culture and the arts. I enjoy cooking and eating, going to markets and everything else in between. To this day, I have fostered a longstanding passion for experiencing new cultures and learning about the evolution of the world over time.

I believe that experiences make us who we are and strengthen us from within. No matter how difficult things may seem, they can only get better. Time is easily wasted, therefore, my goal is to live my life to the fullest. Capturing the hidden beauty of the world – both in photographs and words – is something I aim to achieve.

“Give me a place to stand and I will move the Earth.” – Archimedes